Kitetracker – Worldwide Live GPS Project

What is KiteTracker?

KiteTracker is a new and worldwide working Live GPS Competition Project made by Kiters for Kiters. The idea behind it was to be able to track your session and other Kiters live – no matter if they are kiting on snow, water, land or even non-Kite related sports like windsurfing, sailing, mountainbiking, running, SUP, paragliding and many more.... Besides the unique LiveTracking function the user also has the ability to track his session without using mobile data connection and record his session with his GPS connection on his mobile phone adding geoloctated photos if wanted. If not using the live tracking system you can still record your session and upload it afterwards when internet connection is available so others can still check your tracks and it will be added to the ranking list. We wanted to connect all Kiters, Windsport addicts and outdoor lovers on one platform. The database grows with each uploaded session and therewith the information for others when and where kiting is possible on which spot.

Recording the data via mobile phone and App

We tested several systems over the last years and then decided to come up with or own as we couldn't find the perfect tool for what we were looking for. So we decided to have the session recored via GPS signal and if the user wants to he can switch on the LiveTracking function which then requires moblile phone internet connetction to transfer their data to the server every 5 seconds. KiteTracker is only available for Iphone but a free Android version will follow in December. Even without the App anyone can track users on the website through www.kitetracker.com

GPS recording with LiveTracking

We found it important that a user can also check out information about other riders while he is having a session. Therefore it requires only a internet connection with your mobile phone device and the KiteTracker App. Each rider using the LiveTracking option can be spoted with his full information about speed, altitude, climb rate, distance etc. Those data gets updated every 5 seconds which sets a new standart also for Apps of this kind. Each sport (snowkiting, kitesurfing, etc) and data (speed, distance, altitude, etc) can be sorted and be watched on differnet live maps.

GPS recording without LiveTracking

If you do not have the possibilty to connect to a mobile phone internet connection because you are far out in the backcountry or you don't want to pay loads of roaming costs you can still record your session via GPS on your mobile phone. Whenever you will have internet connection afterwards you can upload your session to KiteTracker.com and Facebook to show your results and enter the ranking list.

Worldwide XC-Contest

For the cometitive rider we wanted to have a ranking system also. After your session is uploaded you can check your ranking on a list. Because different riders have different passions and abilities we have different disciplines where they compete in. If you are a speed junkie looking for a new speed record you will be scored in the speed category. Or backcountry and mountain climbing is what kiting is all about for you then your altitude, climb rate, distance gets scored. There will a special XC ranking just for snowkiters btw! We are planning to have a monthy and yearly prize giving in cooperation with our sponsor partners. Also in order for the upcoming olympic games in 2016 where kitesurf racing will enter first time the KiteTracker App is pretty interesting to have riders exchange their skills with each other.

Features of the KiteTracker App

- detailed track of your session with data such as speed, distance, altitude, climb rate and time.
- Geolocated pictures – can be watched on App and website
- Live Tracking with data update every 5 seconds
- Live Map and Live Rider view – find all riders online on one map
- Ranking list for speed, highest altitide, highest climbs, distance, climb rate, etc
- daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ranking lists
- facebook and email posting

Additional features on the website

- watch the tracks (even live) in 2D and 3D (GoogleEarth)
- geolocated photos shot by the rider during his session
- spot, accomodation, school and shop guide
- worldwide competition with loads of prizes

About the designers

As said before, KiteTracker is made by kiters for kiters. The project got realized by Patrick Stahel (Pilot) and Ronny Bollhalder (sport teacher) who are passionated kiters and outdoor enthuisasts since they were young. Both grew up in the swiss alps found themselves playing around with powerkites when most people hadn't even heard about the sport. With the KiteTracker Project they want to connect all sport loving people to share their experiences and sessions on a worldwide platform. Kitetracker (App and website www.kitetracker.com) is their second project just after they realized a worldwide unique spotguide for kiters in and around Switzerland on www.unhooked.ch. The spotguide offers more than over 100 spots with a weather and wind forecast for each of them for every day beside loads of other features.